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      Schedule a 45 minutes custom training session.

  • Strength sessions will be a combo of barbell work, weights, functional movements, and resistance bands adapted to your specific goals and ability. These can also be Powerlifting or Weightlifting sessions.

  • Strength and Mobility session will focus on building core strength, improving balance, increased proprioception, and strength goals appropriate for your goals. These sessions can be goal or athlete targeted and are also a good choice for those new to strength training, recovering from an injury, or who are looking to increase general fitness and reduce injury. These session can be adapted for seniors or those with reduced mobility.

  • Custom sessions can focus on sport specific skills, prenatal/postpartum fitness, kickboxing, conditioning and functional work, and beginner Olympic archery lessons available. 

Training customized for your goals or sport that adapts as you go. 

$60. per session

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