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Grand Opening

Feb 2023

Our anticipated hours as of Feb 2023
Mon 7am-11am, 4-8pm

Wed 8am-11am, 4pm-8pm
Thurs 8am-11am, 4pm-8pm

Fri 8am-11am

 Sat and Sun 8am-11am

Book a free meet and greet consult visit 
and gym tour for Feb! 


Just a taste of our gear

  • 1000+ lbs of Bumper plates, Iron weight plates, change and technique plates.

  • Westside competition bench

  • Rep Competition bench

  • Multiple power racks & deadlift platforms

  • Olympic lifting platform

  • Multi press incline/decline bench

  • Leg press/Hack Squat machine

  • Rep, Vulcan, and Texas powerlifting, Oly, and deadlift bars, safety squat bar, axles, trap bar

  • Full cable station with attachments

  • Pull up bars, multi grip

  • Hip thrust platform

  • Jammer arms

  • Strongman and Functional gear: yoke, log, sandbag, kegs, farmer's handles, wagon wheels, stones, battle ropes, inertia wave, jump ropes, plyo boxes, medicine/slam balls

  • Dumbbells and kettlebells

  • Resistance bands, balance blocks, bosu, balance balls, yoga mats, and mobility tools. 

  • Fight Camp Boxing, Aqua bag 

  • Airbike, Spin bike, Treadmill, 

  • and more to come


Sign-up for a membership here

Concentrated African American female weightlifter holding the loaded barbell with both han
female powerlifter squat barbell for competition powerlifting.jpg

Barbell Club Member

Strength Team Member

Elite Member

  • Includes access to the club to come train during our open hours

  • attend all general Be Awesome classes. This is a great way to get to know our community

$75. monthly EFT

  • includes resilient athlete coaching with Coach Beth

  • 4 monthly 45 minute small group coaching session

  • Powerlifting team weekly training

  • custom programming to meet your specific goals

  • custom training app

  • club membership to come train during our open hours

  • attend all general Be Awesome classes.

$150. monthly EFT

College Student special rate


(must show valid student ID)

  • includes resilient athlete coaching with Coach Beth

  • 4 monthly 45 minute small group coaching session

  • Powerlifting team bi-weekly training

  • custom programming to meet your goals

  • custom training app

  • attend all general Be Awesome classes. 

  • and more...

Details available after Jan 1st

Image by Jason Briscoe

Resilient Athlete Coaching
Stress, Recovery, & Nutrition 

Want to level up your athletic activities and have more energy for your life? Need some help building skills and habits around sleep, nutrition, and recovery?
Resilient Athlete coaching includes:

  • skills for  recovery

  •  sleep

  • general nutrition 

  • scaling

  • goal setting

  • stress management

  • time management

  • an initial 45 min orientation 

  • two monthly 15-20 minute check-ins with your coach (in-person or virtual)  

 $80 monthly EFT

Register for the Resilient Athlete course online and get 1 month trial of Resilient Athlete Coaching

Side view of active senior Caucasian woman exercising with leg press machine in fitness st

Drop-in Gym

Drop-in Gym during open hours - $20. 

A staff member will give you a quick welcome, orientation, have you sign in and sign our waiver. If you'd like a free tour of the gym or a free trial class please get in touch. 

Heavy Lifting

In-person Coaching Session

45 minute session based on your goals 

$75. Click here to book

Fit Woman
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