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I am a strength athlete, avid hiker, fat tire e-biker, and a science educator.  My journey to reclaim and rediscover my own strength and health has inspired me to help others move easier, grow stronger, and improve their quality of life. ​I am happy to schedule a consult with you to talk more about Be Awesome and/or my coaching experience. 

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

  • Powerlifter 

  • Powerlifting Coach

  • USA Weightlifting Lvl 1 Coach

  • Precision Nutrition PN1 Sleep Stress and Recovery Coach (PN1-SSR)

  • Fitness Nutrition specialist (NASM)

  • USA Archery Lvl 2  instructor, trainer, and Lvl 1 judge

  • Functional Fitness Coach (ISSA)

  • Yoga instructor (ISSA, American AquaNatal, Radiant Child Yoga)

  • Pre and Postnatal coach (Girls Gone Strong CPPC)

  • Kickboxing Instructor (ISSA)

The Be Awesome Mission

I founded Be Awesome to make a welcoming, inclusive, strength community  for people of all  genders, sexuality, sizes, age, ethnicity or ability.  Our coaches will customize your training, for your goals, and will start from where you are. We will build systems to get you to your next goal whether that is a competition or increasing your mobility. Our approach is based on skill development, habit building, and building systems.


We build resilient athletes for life. 

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Beth Anne Moonstone CPT, MA.ED
Be Awesome owner

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