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Strength Team 2021 Membership


Strength Team membership is open to in-person and virtual members of any level. 

Strength Team is an excellent way to get 1-on-1 strength coaching and the support of a community of other athletes to connect with. Strength team focuses on compound lifts, overall strength development, mobility, and  developing technique in your athletic endeavors. Whether you are a powerlifter, strength athlete, archer, cyclist, runner etc. Strength Team is designed to help you dial in on your goals with support, accountability, and a progressive individualized approach. Our team includes both local and distance athletes and 1-on-1 coaching and form checks can be done through video analysis and weekly check-ins.

You DO NOT need to be able to lift a lot of weight. Everyone  starts from where they are without judgement. We will focus on good form and steady progress. It doesn't matter whether you bench press 65lbs pounds or 165lbs. The goal is a supportive team vibe that allows each person to celebrate their hard work. All ages, all gender orientations welcome.


If you are an experienced lifter we would love to have you join us, just be aware that the group will be mostly new and intermediate lifters, and our group sessions will be geared towards that. Strength Team may be a great supplement and support system for your own training.

Strength Team is a great way to focus on good form, understanding training strategies to gain strength and improve your lifts, set goals that encourage you to to training on a regular basis, have a built-in support community to cheer you on.


Strength Team Group Training Sessions and Barbell Club (monthly*)


  • Strength team and Barbell club will meet outdoors or in the open garage gym 

  • If you think you have been exposed to Covid or are not feeling well please stay home

  • All equipment is wiped down with disinfecting cleaner between meetings

  • Events may be cancelled due to heavy rain or extreme temps.
                     Please dress to train in variable weather

​Strength Team 2021


  • Monthly virtual or in-person training session

  • Strength/Barbell focused programming based designed for your training level.

  • Form checks, feedback, and modifications

  • Access to custom training app

  • Monthly virtual or in-person feedback and planning session. 

  • Ability to message your Coach through the training app with questions 

  • Quick response time, detailed form checks.

  • Training customized for your goals 

  • FREE access to Be Awesome Barbell Club garage gym sessions (post covid) and Be Awesome group classes

  • Spring 2022 Strength Team "mock" Meet

  • **Possible team participation in a Winter 2021 RPS or USPA Meet (covid and scheduling dependent)



   $29.99 a month (20% annual membership discount)















At Be Awesome Be Strong we strive to create a welcoming inclusive uplifting space for people of all  genders, sexuality, sizes, age, ethnicity or ability. We currently offer training and small classes at the Sattva Center for Archery in Florence, MA and at our home garage gym in Amherst, MA.​


Some of the ways we work towards being inclusive and uplifting are:

  • We will celebrate your accomplishments whether you lift 10lbs or 300lbs, do your first pull up or simply move easier that day. We strive to build community where each persons goals can be individual and valued.

  • Training spaces without built in mirrors. We have portable mirrors if you would like to use one to see your form during a movement.

  • A minimal flexible dress code based on safety. For Be Awesome events we ask that everyone wear clothes they can comfortably move in and that won't get caught on equipment. When only Be Awesome groups are training you can lift in socks or bare feet but for things like circuits or functional movements wear athletic shoes for your own general safety. Again for safety - no flip flops, slides, open toe shoes or street shoes. During small group training or one on one sessions a sports bra is fine. When archery activities for the Sattva Center are also happening please wear a shirt and shoes. Shorts are fine, comfortable pants are fine, an athletic skirt is fine, your kilt is fine.... just wear bottoms. We ask that you avoid T-shirts with graphics or text that are non-inclusive and for classes or during shared time with the archery range that you keep things family friendly. Not sure about something, just ask.

  • We do not have showers or locker rooms. Our space has one single gender neutral bathroom.

  • Training spaces that can be moved around. Do you need to shift some equipment to meet your physical needs? Need a chair nearby? Our space and our classes have options for modifications.

  • Our Florence, MA host facility, the Sattva Center for Archery, is wheelchair accessible, has parking available, and bike parking is available. This location is a 10 minute walk from the PVTA R44 Florence Center bus stop.

  • The Be Awesome Strength Team participates several times a year in regional powerlifting meets. Our team chooses meets and federations that strive to be inclusive of  LGBTQ+ athletes.

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