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Membership Options

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Barbell Club Member


Strength Team Member

  • Includes access to the gym to come train 6am-9pm daily.

  • Attend all general Be Awesome classes for free

  • Custom training program designed to meet your goals.

  • Includes resilient athlete coaching with our On Ramp program 

  • Monthly goal review with your coach

  • Custom training app

  • 50% off all Be Awesome special classes.

  • This is our most popular and recommended coaching option!

  • Our STRENGTH TEAM plan is designed to give you a long term plan to develop skills, build habits, learn about recovery and fueling your training, and get ongoing support from your coach. 

  • The ON-RAMP method includes weekly one on one session with a coach your first month. This allows you to learn skills, get comfortable with equipment, and for your coach to customize your  training plan. The second month has bi-weekly one on one sessions,  Then you start a progressive training plan written by your coach, have weekly check-in's via our app, and a month in person training session to review your training and learn new skills.  We will pair you with a coach based on your style of training and personal goals. 

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Student Discount Rate

  • Includes access to the gym to come train during open gym hours.

  • Attend all general Be Awesome classes for free

Couple/Family/Friend Rate

  • Includes access to the gym  for two adults (16+) to come train during open gym hours.

  • Attend all general Be Awesome classes for free

College Student special rate

Join $55. monthly EFT

(must show valid student ID)

Pink Bubbles

Resilient Athlete Coaching
(included in Strength Team and All Access Memberships)

Stress, Recovery, & Nutrition: Building systems for lifelong strength

Want to level up your athletic activities and have more energy for your life?
Resilient coaching will help you build systems, learn skills, and form habits
around sleep, training, nutrition, stress, and recovery?


Resilient Coaching is for athletes of all backgrounds and sports: strength

athletes, endurance athletes, sport specific athletes, runners, cyclists, archers,

high school and college athletes, and athletes who are still finding their thing. 

Resilient Athlete coaching includes:

  • skills for  recovery

  •  sleep

  • general nutrition 

  • scaling

  • goal setting

  • stress management

  • time management

  • an initial 45 min orientation 

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